What makes a man a man?

How can fathers, grandfathers, and mentors teach boys about biblical masculinity?

How do we initiate boys into manhood so they aren’t left wondering when they’ll become men?

In “The Wild Man,” Zeke Pipher, pastor and author of “In Pursuit: Devotions for the Hunter and Fisherman,” takes on these hard questions and provides clear answers and direction. Pipher offers a practical tool designed to help men—young and old—hold important discussions about what strong, faithful, biblical masculinity looks like today. “The Wild Man” also offers a thoughtful strategy for initiating boys into manhood.

Masculinity is complex, and the answers we seek seem lost in a culture that is confused about manhood. Yet, the stakes couldn’t be higher. We need to figure this out, not only for ourselves but so that we can raise the next generation of men. Our sons and grandsons long for a clear picture of faithful, courageous masculinity. They need real men to show them the way. “The Wild Man” gives fathers, grandfathers, pastors, and mentors the necessary tools to teach the next generation about faithful masculinity.

Many fathers and grandfathers end up regretting that they didn’t do more to guide their boys into masculinity. Pipher wrote “The Wild Man” to help men intentionally teach and initiate the next generation.

We don’t have to carry regrets. We don’t have to drop this ball.

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