The Wild Man – What People Are Saying

Are you considering using The Wild Man in your church or with your men’s group. Read what others have said about this strategy for helping older men teach younger men about godly, courageous masculinity:

“This message could change the world! I say that because after spending my life serving the world’s most vulnerable populations, I’ve observed that most pain and suffering can be laid at the feet of men. If they would just step up to be faithful husbands, loving fathers, and dedicated providers, most of this world’s hurts could be eradicated. Our ever-shifting cultural definitions of masculinity muddle what it means to be and act like a man, to the point where men can feel they are losing the liberty, and even the instinct, to be themselves—the masculine human beings God created them to be. Zeke offers that being a ‘real man’ is an inside-out issue—it’s not based on appearances, or even performance; it can’t always be seen or measured. It involves what’s going on inside a man’s heart, evidenced by his striving to reflect the character and example of Christ. A man never stands so tall as when he stoops to serve others.” Dr. Wess Stafford, President Emeritus, Compassion International Author of Too Small to Ignore and Just a Minute

“The rapidly changing cultural landscape in America is making the role of parenting ever more challenging.  Having meaningful conversations with children on essential issues is one of the challenges for any parent.  Zeke Pipher has given fathers a significant gift in “The Wild Man” and “Wild Mountain Tribe” that provide tools to help initiate and guide these essential conversations with a Biblical foundation.  As a father of three grown sons and the grandfather of three young grandsons, I’m thankful to Zeke for his heart to see a generation of young men of God raised up across America.” Kevin Kompelien, President, Evangelical Free Church of America

“Many today think that the only kind of masculinity is toxic masculinity. Zeke Pipher has written a fable & guidebook that will go a long way to correct misconceptions and establish a biblical foundation to bring clarity in the midst of all the confusion. The Wild Man is a powerfully creative, story to help boys and men think about the what masculinity really means. Wild Mountain Tribe provides a wonderful guide for boys and men to think about and express their God given manhood well. I’m deeply grateful that Zeke Pipher has given us a clear and helpful picture of character traits that all boys should aspire to possess.” Dr. Erik Thoennes, Professor and Chair of Theology, Talbot School of Theology/Biola University, and Pastor, Grace Evangelical Free Church, La Mirada

The Wild Man Fable and Wild Mountain Tribe 14-week Journey by gifted author, Zeke Pipher, are two incredibly valuable resources for dads in this culturally challenged and misunderstood world as they seek to nurture their sons from boyhood to manhood. As a father and a grandfather, I highly recommend these two books, and the valuable lessons they offer for any patriarch willing to fully invest in their sons and grandsons. Dave Romenesko, Director of Donor Relations, Life Promotions, Inc.

How do we separate out the confusion of the culture and return to God’s intent in making a child uniquely male, on purpose for a purpose? This journey requires more than simply content taught in a classroom. It is more of an adventure that older men take together with younger men to discover that part of themselves that is fearfully and wonderfully made by God. This journey is not for the timid or faint of heart. It’s an adventure for men of all ages, young and old, who want to be all that God created them to be. Take the journey if you dare. You won’t be disappointed. Bryan Clark, Author of “God’s Not Like That,” former Senior Pastor, Lincoln Berean Church

I have been using the The Wild Man & Wild Mountain Tribe curriculum in conjunction with tried and true leadership principles to bring about a warrior spirit in a group of teenage boys. My hope is to enable them to not only know what it looks like to be a Christ-follower and a man, but also to give them a group of like-minded friends that they can navigate this journey with. Jason Bingham, H.S. Teacher & Coach, Lincoln, NE

Every boy’s heart longs for a story, an epic adventure. Today for most that desire is dimmed by the glow of electronic devices and a hurried lifestyle that neglects this core need. But there are a few men out there, men on a mission, a rescue mission to liberate the hearts of the boys, fathers and sons, who long for this together. Zeke Pipher is one of those men and his newest offering, The Wild Man Fable & Wild Mountain Tribe 14-week journey, is great.  I love this this. Even without small ones at home the storyline captured and inspired me. Enjoy the adventure. Tj Greaney, Founder and Owner, Kids Outdoor Zone

As a father and pastor, I know the struggle to have conversations with our sons about the things that matter most–conversations about identity, purpose and the acceptable, seemingly innocent dangers lurking in their path. The Wild Man fable offers men and their sons the pathway of a compelling story for these important conversations. Don’t do this alone! The conversation is more potent in a community of fathers and sons using the Wild Mountain Tribe as a guide. Larry Austin, Director of Church Health, EFCA Central District

“I’m leading a men’s group at a local transitional shelter, and as a first-time Bible Study leader, the material is very accessible to men on every spiritual level. It is very easy to teach and to follow, and applicable, I feel to men from any walk of life, and in any circumstance. I have gotten as much out of leading it as I hope the men I am leading have gotten out of participating. If you’re wanting to help a group of men, young or old, grow, this material is a very accessible and approachable study to begin with!” Daniel J. Kiewel, Victory 17:12 Coaching

“It’s easy to bemoan the lack of godly men in this world. I could quickly dash off a paragraph about the pitfalls and failings of “failure-to-launch” males, no problem. But it’s much more difficult to see the problem and then do something constructive about it. Zeke has “manned-up” and done the harder thing, creating something valuable that can be used by others to raise up godly men. I love that he wrote the simple, creative story for his son Aiden in the first place as an exercise in faithful fathering. As the father of 3 growing boys, I am encouraged by Zeke’s example to do my own part.” Matt Mitchell, EFCA Pastor, EFCA National Office Book Reviewer