The Tither, by JJ Springer

(Post by JJ Springer)


Tired. Last one in the office. Need to get some work done to salvage my day.

There’s movement out my window.

Car. Man gets out. Chubby. Shuffling. Woman in driver seat stays.

I’ve seen this before.

I wish Pastor Scott was here. He knows what to do with these people.

Walk out front. Auto-smile.

“What can I do for you?”

He’s sweating, even though it’s a beautiful day.

I’ve seen him before. Not him him…but here it comes.

(driving from East Riverville to Midwestfactorytown…ex-wife blah blah blah…my adult kids blah blah blah …Crawford Motel blah blah blah …used to go to church blah blah blah …gonna start back up blah blah blah …just need some gas money blah blah blah …)

“I got some checks in the mail and I’m here to tithe.”

Come again?

“They were for $X.95 and $Y and $Z. How much is that?”

“Do you need me to help you figure it out?”


“Could you give me those numbers again?”

“They were for $X.95 and $Y and $Z.”

“Well…here’s the total…did you want to give 10%?”

“Isn’t that what I’m supposed to give?”


“God loves a cheerful giver. You need to give what you’re happy to give. I think you’ve honored him by what you’re doing.”

(slightly bewildered look)

“But if you’d like to give 10% that would be great.”


“It’s __ dollars and forty-nine cents”

Slowly counts out the bills. He’s over by 51 cents.

“Do you want change?”

“I’ll just give the extra…is that okay with God?”


“He just wants your heart.”


Shuffles away.


And not just for the money.