Pipher_InPursuit_wSpine.inddIn Pursuit: Devotions for Hunters and Fishermen: Zeke’s new book, In Pursuit, comes out in June 2014. Hunters and fishermen are familiar with the “moment of truth” – that adrenaline-surging, heart-pounding instant when success and failure hang in the balance. In that moment they know if they will experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. The 90 devotions in In Pursuit are written specifically for this outdoorsman.

Each devotion weaves scriptural truth into true hunting and fishing stories that capture the thrill of the great outdoors and work on the hearts of men who are zealous in their drive to get out on the lake or up in the deer blind. These reflections on the active life help prepare men for success and significance both spiritually and in their sport. In Pursuit is the perfect gift for the outdoorsman.

From the Foreword by Steve Chapman:

“Because there seems to be a growing hunger among hunters and anglers for books that feed their souls, and because I’m well aware that I can’t reach every one of them with my own writing, I was doubly excited to know that Zeke Pipher had chosen to put his own discoveries into a book. In Pursuit is skillfully written and is full of well-told stories to illustrate the Biblical truths he presents.” – Steve Chapman, Author of A Look at Life from a Deer Stand (


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Man on the Run
: Men are capable of living with passion and zeal while at the same time remaining balanced and faithful to their most important relationships and priorities. They can learn to run hard and run well, while running after the right things. To do this, men need the help and support of their wives, children, friends, and greater community. If these basics are in place, watch out! Everyone wins when men are on the run. Passionate, pursuit-driven men can make great husbands, fathers, friends, and colleagues precisely because of their tenacious tendencies. Yet the qualities that make men pursue adventure above all else can wreck their lives; overzealous men end up losing out on the best things in life. How to have the best of both worlds is what this book is all about.


“If you or someone you love is suffering from the tricky obsession targeted in Man on the Run, you will find that the author is sympathetic (he’s been cured), knowledgeable (he’s an experienced counselor) and practical (no hocus-pocus here). He also has a hair-trigger sense of humor that puts the spoonful of sugar into the right medicine. I highly recommend this book, not only to all who are afflicted with hyper-hobby syndrome, but also to those who want to help them.” (Warren W. Wiersbe, author and former pastor of Moody Church, Chicago, IL)

“Because far too many men have allowed their passion for the outdoors to cause them to miss the target when it comes to hitting the all-important mark of being a good husband and father, a book like Man on the Run is a must resource. The good news about this book is that it is written in a language that sportsmen and men of all types will readily relate to and clearly understand. This vital feature of the text is true because Zeke Pipher has been there. He has made the painful misses, but he’s also successfully dialed in his sights and now enjoys the fruit of change. His longing to help his fellow men know that success is as strong as the guidance he has written into this book.” (Steve Chapman, author of A Look at Life from a Deer Stand)

“Man on the Run contains some insights that are very important to most men. All of us at times let our occupation or our hobbies consume us to a degree that is unhealthy in terms of maintaining balance in our lives, particularly as it relates to our families. Zeke Pipher writes informatively about a way to keep things in perspective and to maintain a healthy relationship with our wives and our children. I recommend it highly.” (Tom Osborne, former athletic director and head football coach, University of Nebraska, Lincoln)



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