The Wild Man is a fable for men and boys of all ages.

The men of Adonis are soft and clean-shaved. They dwell in the shadows of village life. The entire town lives in fear of the Wild Man who lives on the Wild Mountain. He’s strong, fierce, and covered from head to toe with thick, auburn hair. The Wild Man’s fires burn ferociously bright on clear, starry nights. His roars turn the villager’s blood snow-melt cold.

One night, as the people of Adonis cower in the cellar, Keon steps into the candlelight and declares that he will journey to the Wild Mountain and apprehend the Wild Man. He has no idea where his quest is about to take him.

The Wild Man fable gives men—young and old—a vision for manhood today. Each character and narrative detail is intentionally crafted to help us examine the problems with our culture’s view of masculinity. Everyone benefits when men are strong, courageous, and loving—The Wild Man invites men and boys into this wild life.


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